About Our School

The School started in the year 1993 with LKG classes, using the existing facilities of St. John the Baptist Jacobite Syrian Church, South Paravoor. It is functioning under the St. John the Baptist Charitable Society, formed as per the decision in the General Body meeting of the Church. Our School is situated on the side of Tripunithura - Vaikom road. At the time of formation of the school, there was no CBSE schools between Tripunithura and Vaikom.

South Paravoor being a village area, the people had to go to Tripunithura or other far off areas, for giving good education, especially CBSE education for their children. The first Principal of the school was Sri. C V Mathew, Chirayil Ackarappadam, and the first Manager was Sri. George Philip, Vlangattil Kolenchery, who was a journalist in Delhi. The School progressed with the addition of one class every year. The School got affiliation in the year 2002 to CBSE Delhi with minimum facilities for a CBSE school. The school improved very much with the administration of Well experienced Principal Smt. Santha Kuruvila , with the managerial support from Sri. Kariath Kuruvilla John. School sent the first batch of 10th Standard in the year 2004-05 with remarkable result. The school was upgraded to Higher Secondary in the year 2010 . The Patron of our School is H G. Mathews Mar Evanios, the metropolitan of Kandanad Diocese.


Soosy Cherian

Academic coordinator

With immense pleasure I welcome all viewers to our web page 2022-23.
St.John’s Public School is endowed with a few unique aspects that make it purely noble and prestigious. Inspiration, formation, inculcation and transformation are the four pillars on which, here in our school, the noblest teaching profession is building up the personality of each child. We focus on the improvement of each child’s behavior, communication skills, interpersonal relationships, attitude toward life, and ethics. We also aim at bringing up our children to be spiritually mature, morally upright, physically strong and healthy, mentally alert, intellectually bright and socially committed and acceptable.So they can champion the cause of justice, love, truth and peace. Hence here we always stress on the need of a better moral source, which would really implant the values deep within the children and lay a strong foundation. Hard work, dedication and perseverance are the most important traits in a person that lead to success. The future belongs to you, your need therefore is to prepare yourself for an active participation in the world.
Education is a lifelong process where each child has to acquire knowledge and wisdom through intense reading and experience .And so, the special grace the children acquire from St.John’s School would certainty guide them to have a courageous attitude towards life, not be depressed by the problems and have strong faith in their power and abilities. As a result they face all obstacles courageously and enjoy life in all pits and falls.
We promote freedom of thought, innovation and creativity which are essential for the pursuit of academic excellence. Humans are natural learners. So we promote self directed learning. When children get to follow their passion, they engage deeply and learn more quickly and thoroughly. Asking question is one of the most effective learning method. So we preserve the questioning ability of all children.
Education is an art and passport for the future .The aim of art is to represent, not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. “Tomorrow belongs to those who prepared for today”, and so, our school maintains a vibrant atmosphere of arts and culture. Every child is different and let each child blossom, giving importance to their mental and physical health .Here we give equal opportunities in various games along with art forms. All these effective and engaging learning environments tune their mind and body and thus each learner learns with joy and involvement which in turn learns self discovery, enduring and understanding.
Getting involved is important for any student and at St.John’s School there are enough activities to make each student feel that, he/she is an important part of the school community. Co-curricular activities such as Roller skating, cycling, Kho - Kho, handball, cricket, foot-ball, magic,yoga. Arts & craft, music and dance and other such programs facilitate each child to become a perfect human being. For this various clubs co- ordinate by staff members oversee all activities.
I take pride and associate myself as Academic Co-Ordinator of this prestigious and reputed institution .Let’s commit ourselves to serve the society upholding integrity ,co-operation ,tolerance and natural respect keeping in view the unity in diversity of our great nation.
I assure you that we continue to strive for excellence and look forward to a prosperous academic year with ever stronger results. We pray that the dream of every parent, who toil to give their best to their children, may get the best from us.
I express my sincere gratitude to the management for their guidance and support extended to me in discharging my duties .I am grateful to all the staff members for their sincere untiring work to excel in curricular and co-curricular activities .I value the support of P T A, all parents and well wishers to run this institution peacefully .I love all children,the blooming buds of today and the citizens of tomorrow.
With warm regards and best wishes
Soosy Cherian
Academic Co-Ordinator

To provide finest quality education that will evolve instep with the changes that takes place globally in the field of education. Thus enabling the young to develop into a holistic personality, earn a living, contribute to the economic, social, political & cultural progress of the nation.
We envision a student community empowered with faculties to excel in life and contribute positively to a rapid changing global community.
1. To impart spiritual, moral, academic, human values and aesthetic values through formal and informal courses emphasis on courtesy, honesty, integrity and loyalty. 2. To create a spirit of fellowship, equality and mutual enrichment, thus helping ours pupils to break down all the barriers that divide us.